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Why I quit games (in public)

I stopped talking about games to anyone but my close friends about 8 months ago because I got tired of always trying to figure out how to be honest to my politics without attracting attention from people who would twist my words and harass me. I found fan studies to be much more welcoming and way fucking less terrifying.
This morning, I woke up to proof I made the right call. Some folks have dug up a post I wrote over a year ago on a blog literally no one read as proof that games journalists and scholars are part of a massive conspiracy to destroy games (ironically the post was about people who harass women for talking about sexism in games, though the conspiracy theorists chose not to mention that). I’m probably not going to be able to forget/let go of that for a while. I’m gonna be anxious, upset, scared, angry, depressed, frustrated, scared again.
And I can tell you that I 100% don’t fucking need that.
So thank god the “worst” thing I did was write about how I feel alienated in games culture and am grateful for spaces in which the feminist voice is dominant. Thank god I quit before I said something that would make someone single me out.
Also, I’ll probably change my username because tumblr is the only place I feel safe online and I don’t want to lose it.

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A short story about Katy Perry, PT 1 →



Katy lay on her yoga mat in child’s pose, while inhaling deeply the wafts of lavender and echinacea that danced about the room.

She tried to quiet her mind as she embarked on her new adventure of becoming zen, and erasing all of the pain from her life.

Stuck in her trance, she…

Oh my god Christin you are delightful

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watch this video

no seriously


Goes well with tswift’s shake it off as a fuck you anthem

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writhing pile of cat children. disgusting

i’m going to throw up.

jesus christ the PURRING 

I feel like I just gained another year on my life from this.



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if i ship a fictional heterosexual couple their writers should congratulate themselves

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i always forget that Fenris doesn’t speak ferelden/free-marcher/whatever-common-tongue-they-speak-in-the-south natively

his native language is Tevine

bro speaks south-thedas AND a bit of qunari ANd can recite facts about the history of the tevinter imperium and the qunari religion and the andrastean mythos and so much other crap and all that without being able to read

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so when does season two of Firefly come out?

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Into the Woods, 2014 (x)


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i drew a bunch of elves of color!!

This post reminds me of something that happened a few years back.

I once served as art director for a project where the illustration spec called for characters of a variety of races (in the real-world sense, not the Dungeons & Dragons sense - though the latter was involved as well).

We had one particular artist, tasked with drawing a series of elves, who didn’t quite seem to get what that meant. Their output was basically “white elf”, “another white elf”, “white elf with a tan”, “white elf looking a bit pale”, “yet another white elf”, etc.

When this was pointed out, they were like “oh, yeah, now I get it - I’ll totally fix that with my next piece”.

They proceeded to turn in a picture of a blue elf.

In the end, we had to provide specific quotas for specific levels of racial representation in order to get the point across. It all worked out in the end, but it’s stuck with me ever since that this artist examined the original spec, looked at our feedback, and came to the conclusion a blue elf was more plausible than a black one.

In conclusion: this is awesome.

Read that last paragraph as many times as you need to.

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i literally never get tired of this post

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I was watching The Incredible Hulk cartoon from the 90’s, and in one of the episodes She-Hulk chases on foot after a stolen sports car. My brain suggested this. I liked the suggestion.




I was watching The Incredible Hulk cartoon from the 90’s, and in one of the episodes She-Hulk chases on foot after a stolen sports car. My brain suggested this. I liked the suggestion.


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